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This is an article about iFOREX support. iFOREX is a long-established forex broker established in 1996 and has a long history of being a reliable forex broker.

The support system is excellent, and you can use it with even greater peace of mind.

I will explain in detail how to contact the various contact points.

What you can learn in this article;
  • About iFOREX Customer Support
  • How to contact it

About iFOREX Customer Support Service

iFOREX provides the following means of inquiry.

Customer SupportSupported
Live Chat
Inquiry Form

How to Check on iFOREX Official Website

Follow “Our Company” -> “Contact Us” from the top page of iFOREX official website.

Check Support on iFOREX Official Site

Live Chat is the Most Recommended!

The best way to inquire is through live chat.

You can communicate with support staff in real time.
Depending on the nature of your inquiry, this may be the fastest way to resolve it.

However, depending on the country and language, live chat service hours may be limited.
If the staff is not available, you can send them an e-mail. However, replies will be sent on weekdays after the vacations and will be a little delayed.

Notes on the content of the inquiry

iFOREX does not respond to the following types of inquiries.

Inquiries that cannot be answered by support
  • Trading methods and strategies
  • Forecasting market price movements
  • How to use Metatrader (MT4, MT5)

In particular, iFOREX is not able to answer any questions regarding investment advice.
This is prohibited by law.

Also, it is better to avoid inquiring about the basic terms and contents of trading such as what is forex, what is a currency pair, and what is a spread nd so on.
(If the support is not busy, they may be able to tell you.)

On the other hand, you should contact the support desk for the following information and inquiry.

What to ask support directly
  • After opening my account, I sent my personal identification documents, but they are not approved yet.
  • I have made a withdrawal request, but the money has not arrived yet.
  • I tried to place an order or close a position, but an error occurred.
  • There are no answers to other frequently asked questions.

iFOREX Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are available on the official website.
If you have any questions, please check the FAQ first.

Official Site

How to Make Inquiries

From here, I will explain the specific inquiry procedures for each contact point.

Live Chat

This is the most user-friendly live chat.

You do not need to have an account with iFOREX to use the live chat.

Access to Live Chat

Click on the Live Chat icon on the left side of iFOREX official website.

Enter chat room

A chat space will pop up.

Enter your email address and questions, and click START CHAT to start the chat.


You can send an email to the following email address listed on the support page.

You can send an email at any time, but you should expect a response on the next business day.

If your inquiry is about your own account, please remember to include your name and email address.


You can also call the telephone contacts in your country.

Unfortunately, not all countries have a telephone contact, but you can call if you have an urgent inquiry.


What did you think?

iFOREX offers a variety of support systems.

If you have any problems, please try to use it!

Check Support on iFOREX Official Site

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