iFOREX | How to Open an Account


I will explain how to open a iFOREX account.

If you register according to this procedure, it will be completed in a few minutes. Then the identity verification documents will be uploaded and reviewed. This is the same for any broker.

The characteristic of opening an iFOREX account is that you can start trading without uploading your identity verification documents. It is necessary for withdrawal, so you need to verify your identity at least before withdrawal.

Click “Register” on iFOREX official website and enter the required information.

iFOREX offers only one account type.

You don’t need to get lost to choose account type, but please refer to separated article “iFOREX Account Type Review” to know the conditions and specs before you open a real account if you need.

This page explains using a screenshot of PC, but you can also register from your smartphone.

Let’s get started!!

\Just 3 minutes!!/
Open an Account

iFOREX Account Type | Check the specifications and conditions before opening an account
Introducing iFOREX account types. iFOREX was founded in 1996 and is a pioneer of forex brokers. Not only does it have a


  1. Register personal information
  2. Do security authentication and get password
  3. Upload documents (PLE and POA)

Documents for PLE and POA

The following two types are required. Prepare in advance.

  • PLE (Proof of Legal Existence)
  • POA (Proof of Address)

Each requires one of the following:
PLE is limited to those within the expiration date, and POA is limited to those within 6 months after issued.


  • Passport
  • Driver’s license
  • ID card (Government issued)


  • Bill invoice (Gas, Electric, Internet, Phone)
  • Bill invoice (Credit card)
  • Bank Statement (Bank issued)

How to Open an Account

Click “Register” on iFOREX official website.

iFOREX click register on top page

Sign Up

Enter your name, email address and phone number and click Start now.

iFOREX sign up

Enter Security Code

Enter the security code displayed on the screen.

iFOREX enter security code

Registration Complete

Your account is now open. It’s so quick.

Don’t forget your account number and password that is emailed to you.

iFOREX registration complete
iFOREX login information

Login to My Account

Login to My Account.

You can already deposit money into your account and start trading now. iForex does not provide platforms such as MT4. This website is already a trading tool.

The current status is displayed in My Account. Let’s complete the identity verification as it is.

log in to my account

Register Personal Information

Click “Personal Information” on My Account.
The personal information page will open, click “Update Information”.

iFOREX register personal information

Personal Details

Enter the address, date of birth, asset status and so on.

iFOREX personal details
iFOREX personal details

Upload Documents for Identity Verification

Submit your identity verification documents to activate your account.

Click “Upload Documents” on My Account.

upload verification documents
upload PLE and POA documents

That’s all.
You can deposit and start trading now!!

\Just 3 minutes!!/
Open an Account

>>iFOREX Official Site


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