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This is an article on XMP (XM points), a point program of XM.

XM offers account opening bonus and deposit bonus.

Not many forex brokers offer both account opening bonus and deposit bonus, which is a very luxurious bonus program, but in addition to this, XM offers the XM Loyalty Program.

This XM Loyalty Program offers a point-earning program called XMP.

XMP is a point you earn every time you trade and can be exchanged for bonuses or cash.

No application is required and anyone can earn points.

In this article, I will thoroughly explain what XMP point is, the conditions for accumulating and using them, the efficient method of accumulating XMP, and the recommended trading method.

What you can learn by this article;
  • What is XMP (XM Point)
  • How to earn XMP (XM Point)
  • Terms & Conditions of XMP (XM Point)
  • XMP Methods

What is XMP (XM Point)

XMP is a points program provided by the XM Loyalty Program.

Every time you trade, you will accumulate points called XMP (XM points), which you can exchange for bonuses that can be used for trading.

Each time you trade, you will get up to 16XMP per lot.

The mechanism is similar to accumulating points at the store each time you shop.

16XMP can be redeemed for a bonus of about $ 5.

In other words, it has the same effect as narrowing the spread by $ 5 per lot, or about 0.5 pips.

There is no way not to take advantage of this.

How XMP Works

Earn points without permission every time you trade

XMP (XM points) is accumulated every time you trade.

The mechanism is simple. The points given per lot are fixed regardless of the symbol to be traded.

You can check the accumulated XMP (XM points) from the member page.

Loyalty Statuses

The XMP (XM points) award rate varies depending on the membership rank called loyalty status.

The membership rank starts from EXECUTIVE and goes up to GOLD, DIAMOND, and ELITE.

The condition for increasing loyalty status is the number of trading days.

If a member who started from EXECUTIVE trades for a total of 30 days or more, it will go up to GOLD.
You can rank up to DIAMOND and ELITE in 60 days or more by trading 100 days or more.

I have summarized the points awarded and rank-up conditions for each loyalty status.

Loyalty StatusXMP per lotConditions
(Trading days)
GOLD10 XMP30 days+
DIAMOND13 XMP60 days+
ELITE16 XMP100 days+

Loyalty status rank-up condition is only the number of trading days

The only condition for promoting loyalty status is the number of trading days.

There are no any other particular conditions such as the symbol to trade, the minimum number of lots, the number of positions, the period until settlement, and the total amount of trades.

0.01 lot is fine.

In addition, there is no condition that you have to clear it within xx days.

In other words, if you keep trading, anyone can get the highest rank ELITE status.

No registration required

No registration procedure is required for the XM Loyalty Program.

When you open an account and trade, you will earn XMP (XM points) from that day.

In case of multiple accounts, XMP will be added up

XM allows you to open multiple accounts.

If you trade with multiple accounts, you will earn XMP for each, and they will all be added up.

If you are operating with multiple accounts, you can earn points immediately.

Rank up loyalty status applies to all accounts

If you have multiple accounts, the same loyalty status applies to all accounts.

Once you become an ELITE status, you will receive 16XMP per lot no matter which of the multiple accounts you trade.

Redeem for bonuses and cash

The accumulated XMP (XM points) can be exchanged for a bonus.

XMP can be exchanged for bonuses using the formula below.

XMP ÷ 3 = 1USD

That is, 3XMP = 1USD.

This is the same for all loyalty statuses.

Account to be credited when redeemed for bonus

When you exchange XMP for a bonus, it will be credited to your account.

If you have multiple accounts, the account to be credited at this time is the main selected account.

When you log in to the XM member page, the account list will be displayed, and the account at the top is the main selected account.

When you log in to the XM membership page, you will use the MT4 / MT5 account ID of each account, the account you used to log in should be displayed at the top.

If you want to switch, log in with the ID of the account you want to main, or click the corresponding account from the member page and “Log in” will be displayed, so you can switch that account to main by clicking it.

How much XMP (XM points) can actually be accumulated

I tried to simulate how much XMP (XM points) can be accumulated.

As mentioned above, the loyalty status of the XM Trading Loyalty Program allows anyone to continue trading to become a superlative ELITE member.

Here, I will simulate with the bottom EXECUTIVE member and the top ELITE member.

Let’s assume some patterns of monthly trade volume.

Trading 20 lots a month is an image of a trader who trades 1 lot a day / 5 lots a week on average.


Monthly Trading VolumeEarned XMPBonus / MonthBonus / year
20 lots140 XMP$46 / Month$552 / Year
50 lots350 XMP$116 / Month$1,392 / Year
100 lots700  XMP$233 / Month$2,796 / Year

ELITE Status:

Monthly Trading VolumeEarned XMPBonus / MonthBonus / year
20 lots320 XMP$106 / Month$1,272 / Year
50 lots800 XMP$266 / Month$3,192 / Year
100 lots1600  XMP$533 / Month$6,396 / Year

As you can see, if you become an ELITE member, a trader with 100 lots a month (average of 5 lots a day) will get back about $ 6396 as a bonus per year.

If you trade, you will be ranked up without any effort, so from my own experience, even if it is a small lot, if you trade little by little, the period of EXECUTIVE and GOLD will pass in a blink of an eye.

Let’s aim for ELITE!

Precautions for XMP (XM points)

There are a few things to keep in mind when using XM loyalty program.

Ultra Low accounts are not eligible for Loyalty Program

XM offers 6 types of accounts.

Of these, if you trade with an Ultra Low account, you will not receive XMP.

Also, trades in your Ultra Low account do not count towards trading to increase your loyalty status. Please be noted.

Account TypeEligible
Swap Free Micro
Swap Free Standard
Ultra Low Micro×
Ultra Low Standard×

XMP is earned when closed

XMP is earned when the position is closed.

It will not be earned at the time of placing the order.

Positions closed within 10 minutes are not eligible

Positions that are closed within 10 minutes after placing an order are not eligible for XMP.

If you hold it for 10 minutes or more, XMP will be calculated and accumulated automatically when you close it.

XMP can also be exchanged for cash

If your loyalty status is Diamond or higher, XMP can also be redeemed for withdrawable cash.

I would like you to see the image below, the left is the exchange amount for bonus and the right is the exchange amount for cash.
As you can see, the rate is very bad when exchanging for cash.

In the case of bonus, it can be exchanged for 1USD = XMP ÷ 3, but in the case of cash, it is 1USD = XMP ÷ 40.

Withdrawable cashback exchanges are very attractive, but it’s definitely better to exchange them for trading bonuses.

When you withdraw, the bonus for the withdrawal ratio disappears

If you withdraw, the exchanged bonus will disappear according to the withdrawal ratio.

For example, suppose you exchange XMP and have a $ 100 bonus, and you have a balance of $ 1,000 at this time.

Withdrawing $ 300 out of $ 1,000 will eliminate the $ 30 bonus of the $ 100 exchanged bonus, which is the same as 30% of the withdrawn ratio.

XMP does not disappear even if you withdraw

When you withdraw, the bonus you have already exchanged will disappear, but the XMP before exchange will not disappear.

When funds are transferred, the bonus for the transfer ratio will be transferred

If you transfer funds to another account, the exchanged bonus will be transferred along with the transfer amount.

However, if the destination account is a Ultra Low account, the bonus will disappear without moving.

XMP disappears after a period of non-trading

If you don’t trade for a while, all of XMP will disappear.

The time to extinction depends on your loyalty status.

After the number of days of extinction, all XMP earned will be zero.

And the royalty status will be reset to EXECUTIVE.

If you trade even once, the number of days until disappearance will be reset to zero.

7 days before the disappearance, you will be notified by e-mail, so if you receive an e-mail, trade just 0.01 lots.

StatusPeriod until extinction
(Days without trading)
GOLD30 days
DIAMOND60 days
ELITE100 days

XMP (XM points) tricks, recommended operation methods

From here, I will introduce including the tricky content.

The shortest, low-risk way to become an ELITE member

The higher your loyalty status, the more XMP you earn per lot.

With EXECUTIVE, it is 7XMP per lot, but with ELITE, it is 16XMP.

It’s more than twice as different.

If you trade the same, ELITE members are better.

So how do you become an ELITE member in the shortest and least risky way?
Some of you may have noticed if you read the explanations so far.

That is to “trade small lots with a micro account”.

The only condition for ranking up loyalty status is “Trading Days”.

There are no other conditions such as the number of lots or brands per transaction.

Also, if it is not a Ultra Low account, it will be counted regardless of the account type and any account of multiple accounts.
Therefore, it is recommended to trade with a micro account.

A micro account has a trading unit of 1,000 currencies per lot, which is one-hundredth the size of a standard account.

Since the minimum trading unit is 0.1 lot, you only need to hold 0.1 lot positions such as currency pairs with relatively little price fluctuations.

Then, the loyalty status will increase steadily.

For currency pairs, I think USDJPY and Oceanian currencies such as the Australian dollar (AUD) and NZ dollar (NZD) are good.

The margin required to place an order for 0.1 lot of USDJPY with a micro account is 0.11 USD.

No matter how much the price moves, if you have a margin of several dollars, it will never be a stop out, so if you leave it alone, you can definitely become an ELITE member.

By the way, the Forex calculation tool provided by XM on the official website is convenient in such cases.
It is also introduced in another article, so please refer to it.

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How to get the most out of XMP

My recommended method of operation is to exchange XMP points for bonuses and create a dedicated account to operate with that alone.

You don’t need to deposit to that account, which means that trading in that account has NO RISK.

Specifically, the procedure is as follows.

  1. Open additional account (Not Ultra Low account)
  2. Log in with the added account (or switch)
  3. Redeem XMP for bonus
  4. Bonus will be credited to the added account
  5. Trade

All profits earned by trading with bonuses can be withdrawn.

Of course, it’s okay to deposit a bonus into your existing account. You can increase the margin and operate with less risk.

For how to create an additional account with XM, see the separate article “How to Open XM Additional Account | How to Reduce Risks“.

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What did you think.

XMP (XM points) can be earned just by trading.

Earn it well and utilize it!

Open an Account in XM Now!

You can open an account with XM for free.
The process is very easy.
Take this opportunity to open an account and get XM’s account opening bonus and deposit bonus.

Click the button below to open XM’s official website in a new tab.
Please follow the instructions to open an account.

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Open an Account for FREE

Access to XM Official website

Click OPEN AN ACCOUNT on the top page.

XM Open an Account top page

Real Account Registration 1/2

Fill in personal details information.

XM Open an Account Real Account Registration 1/2

Trading Account Details

Select your trading platform (MT4 or MT5), and
Select your account type.

If you are not sure about the account type, I recommend to select STANDARD account for now.
You will also receive a bonus.

XM Open an Account Trading Account Details

Real Account Registration 2/2

Enter personal infromation.

XM Open an Account Real Account Registration 2/2
XM Open an Account Address Details

Trading Account Details

Specify the base currency and maximum leverage of your account.
If you want to receive the account opening bonus, please select “Receive” here.
(You can also choose not to receive it.)

XM Open an Account Trading Account Details

Investor Information

Fill in all area about occupation, investment experience, etc.
This is KYC process that every financial institution must do.

XM Open an Account Investor Information

Account Password

Finally, set your password. Use this password to log in to your XM member page or trading account (MT4 or MT5).

Then, authenticate your email address.
You will then receive an email with your MT4/MT5 account ID and the name of your connection server.

XM Open an Account Account Password
XM Open an Account Your Account Details (EMail)

Upload Documents for Identity Verification

Upload your identity verification documents and complete the KYC process.
You can make a deposit and start trading without verifying your identity, but you will need to verify your identity to make a withdrawal.

XM Open an Account Upload Documents

Claim Trading Bonus

Once the identity verification process is complete, you will see a button to receive the account opening bonus on your member page.
Click on it to receive your account opening bonus.

XM Open an Account Claim Trading Bonus

Install Trading Tool

Install MetaTrader, a trading tool.

The PC version is available from the official XM website.
The smartphone app can be installed from the App Store or Google Play.

For the PC version, please refer to “XM MT4/MT5 | How to Download, Install and Login“.
For the smartphone app version, please refer to “How to Install MT4/MT5 Mobile App“.

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Deposit and Trade

Deposit money into your trading account.
The deposit bonus will be transferred to your trading account when it is deposited.

For more information about XM’s deposit methods, please refer to the separate article “XM Deposit Methods | Fees and Conditions“.

Once you deposit, all you have to do is trade.
Take advantage of the account opening bonus and deposit bonus to maximize your profits.

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For detailed instructions on how to open an account with XM, please refer to the separate article “XM | How to Open an Account“.

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