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The XM website is full of educational and market research content.

From educational content for beginners to market research information for advanced users, I think that thorough utilization will help in higher-grade trading.

In this article,

  • List of XM market research and education content
  • Overview of each

will be explained.

Some content can be viewed without opening an account in XM, but some content can be viewed only by members.

If you have not opened an account with XM yet, please refer to my article and open an account now.

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What is XM ?

XM is a forex broker that provides services all over the world.

XM is not only a popular but also reliable broker.

XM | Forex Broker Review
This is an explanation of XM.com, which is extremely popular.I've been using XM for years and nothing strange has h

How to Access XM Research & Education Content

Click “RESEARCH & EDUCATION” on the top of XM top page.

List of Content

Here is a list of XM’s market research and educational content.

There is a lot of content in the three categories.

List of Content
    • Markets Overview
    • News
    • XM Research
    • Trade Ideas
    • Technical Summaries
    • Economic Calendar
    • XM TV
    • Podcast
    • XM Live
    • Local Advanced Room
    • Live Education
    • Educational Videos
    • Forex Webinars
    • Platform Tutorials
    • Forex Seminars
  3. TOOLS
    • Trading Tools
    • MQL5
    • Forex Calculators

Overview of Each Content

From here, I will explain overview of each content.


Content related to market research.

It covers a wide range of topics, from fresh daily news to the upcoming release of economic indicators.

Markets Overview

Market Overview is a page that collects various information included in this category.

By accessing this page, you can see market news and currency pair trends at a glance.

Each news item has an icon showing what CFDs and currency pairs this news will be affected.

For example, this image is news related to crude oil, and you can see the price trend of crude oil by clicking the icon at the bottom left. If you logged in, you can place an order from this screen.


You can see market news from all over the world.

From the menu at the top, you can narrow down the products that will be affected.

XM Research

This is an analyst’s report.
From the results of technical analysis etc., you can know the price trend forecast of the currency pair.

Trade Ideas

You can see order trends by major currency pair or product.
A large number of buy orders means that the price is strongly pushed up.

You can think of your own trading strategy by referring to these order trends.

Technical Summaries

A technical analysis of price trends by timescale.
The tendency of short timeframes (5 minutes or 15 minutes) will be a hint for short-term trading.

Economic Calendar

You can see the economic indicators and major events of each country in a calendar format.

Filters allow you to filter by relevant country or importance.


XM delivers fresh market news daily.


XM also distributes these news on podcasts.


The Learning Center offers a variety of educational content, primarily for beginners.

There is a lot of content that is useful not only for beginners but also for intermediate to advanced traders.

Live Education

XM offers live educational content.

XM offers Basic for beginners, Advance for intermediate to advanced players, and Local Advance Room localized for each country you live in.
Since I live in Thailand, the Local Advance Room is offered in Thai.

Both Live Education require user registration.
This user registration is not an application to open an account with XM, but an application to take this Live Education.

Educational Videos

You can learn about Forex and CFD trading from beginner to advanced level on XM’s Edicational Videos.

The great thing about this content is that each one is very compact and you can choose your favorite content and watch it anytime, anywhere.

My recommendation is to pick up and watch the video you care about, rather than watching it from start to end.
You can use your free time to improve your trading skills.

You can select a video from the menu on the right.

Forex Webinars

Webinar is a coined word that combines “web” and “seminar.”
XM offers very useful webins in a live format.

The features of the XM webinar are:

What is XM Webinar?
  • Out of 18 themes in total, one theme is delivered at a time
  • Webinar is live streamed, 1 hour each time
  • There is a question and answer section for each webinar
  • There are also themes only questions and answers
  • The themes are the same all over the world, but local teachers are in charge of each country

The webinar has a total of 18 themes and will be delivered in sequence within the monthly schedule.
After finishing 18 times, I will return to the first time.

The big difference between the Educational Videos mentioned above and the webinar is that the webinar is live streamed.

Instructors from each country will explain the theme within the one-hour frame, and at the end there will be a question-and-answer session.
You can participate and ask questions.

Platform Tutorials

Similar to the webinar, but this is a video explaining how to operate MetaTrader (MT4), XM’s standard trading platform, and the related basics of forex trading.

It is not a live stream.

All content can be viewed anytime, anywhere (even on a smartphone).

Although it is called MT4 tutorial, it also has basic explanation of forex, so it is especially recommended for those who are new to forex.

The video is organized in about 1 to 3 minutes, and it is very easy to understand because it is actually explained using MT4 images.

The MT4 tutorial is summarized in detail in the separate article “XM MT4 tutorial video is awesome“, so please refer to that as well.

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Forex Seminars

XM actively holds seminars not only in webins but also in each country.
In 2020, all seminars were canceled due to Covid-19, but in 2019, about 100 seminars will be held all over the world.

If a seminar is held near your place of residence, please join it if you have the opportunity.


XM’s TOOLS offers various tools that can be used for actual trading, such as signal, copy trading, and margin calculation tools.

Trading Tools

Technical Indicator is a service that XM’s contracted professional technical analysts provide advance delivery of specific trading policies for the day.

Since it is pre-delivered, you can trade according to this signal in the same way as a professional trader.

The delivery content includes the price target of the entry and the timing of taking profit and stop loss for each target currency pair and CFD product.

The features of XM forex signals are as follows.

What is XM Forex Signals?
  • Delivery is twice a day (morning call, afternoon call)
  • Delivered in report format (PDF), downloaded by yourself
  • You need to open an account in advance
  • Target products are 10 (currency pairs and CFDs)

Download the report in PDF format yourself.

Delivery is twice a day.

There are morning call and afternoon call, but please note that this is not the morning and afternoon of your country time.

Morning call = timing when the London market opens
Afternoon call = timing when the New York market opens

The most important thing to note is that even if you trade according to this signal, you will not always win.
Also, even if there is a loss, XM will not make any compensation.
Please refer to the signal at your own risk.


MQL (Meta Quates Language) is a programming language that can run on MetaTrader (MT4, MT5).

MetaTrader is provided by MetaQuotes and has this name.

There is a community called MQL5, and you can get custom indicators and EA (Expart Adbisor) created using MQL in the “market” in this community.

The MQL5 trading signal is similar in name to the above forex signal, but it is completely different in the following points.

What is MQL5 Trading Signals?
  • Not provided by XM itself, but by the MQL5 community
  • MQL5 has a number of trading signals available from the MQL market
  • Not just information distribution, but a copy trading function

The last point is the most important.

This is not information provision, but a mechanism to trade with a professional trader somewhere in the world at the same timing and with the same order content.

This is called copy trading.

The characteristics of the MQL5 signal are as follows.

Points of MQL Copy Trading
  • User registration to MQL forum is required in advance
  • You need to open an XM account in advance
  • There are signals for MT4 and MT5. Cannot be shared
  • Since it is a copy trade, it is necessary to keep MT4 / MT5 running all the time during operation

Forex Calculators

XM provides the following calculation tools.
Both can be used without opening an account.

XM Calculation Tools
  • Currency Converter
  • Pip Value Calculator
  • Margin Calculator
  • Swaps Calculator
  • Profit and Loss Calculator

I think the margin calculation tool is especially useful for beginners.

Forex can be very troublesome to calculate the margin required for trading, but it will be calculated by this tool.

To calculate the margin requirement, enter the following information on the screen and click “Calculate”.

Input items: Account base currency, Lots, Currency pair, Leverage, Account type

Then, the required margin will be calculated from the rate information at the time of calculation of the selected currency pair.

The image is the margin for trading 1.0 lot of EURUSD with leverage 1:888.

You can easily see that the required margin is 112.61 EUR or 137.73 USD.

Let’s Master XM Forex Calculator!
XM provides a convenient Forex calculation tool. Sometimes the calculation is very complicated, such as how much pips is


What did you think.

I explained an overview of XM’s education, market research information and tools.

I have never seen such content firmly supported in each country’s language and market analysis videos are distributed daily by other forex brokers.
It’s very fulfilling.

It’s easy to understand why XM is the number one favorite in the world and that’s why it’s so trusted.

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