XM MT4/MT5 | How to Download, Install and Login


XM allows us to use MetaTrader as a trading platform.

Both MT4 and MT5 can be used in XM.

MetaTrader is a trading platform used by traders around the world.
It is a tool developed by Metaquotes corp. and provided free of charge, and it can be downloaded from the official website of Metaquotes, but it may not be used well.

In this article, I will explain how to use MT4 / MT5 in XM step by step from download, installation to login.

What is MetaTrader, the difference between MT4 and MT5, and the basic usage are summarized in another article “What is MetaTrader? About MT4 / MT5 used by traders all over the world“, so please have a look there.

In addition, the installation method and basic usage of the mobile app version of MetaTrader are also summarized in another article “How to Install MT4/MT5 Mobile App“.

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How to Install XM MT4/MT5

From here, I will explain the installation procedure of MT4 of XM.

XM supports both MT4 and MT5, and the basic flow and operation method are the same.

You have to choose MT4 or MT5 as your platform when you open your account.

If you select MT4, you will be provided with a dedicated MT4 account ID, password, and connection server for MT4.

Even within the same forex broker, MT4 and MT5 account IDs and passwords cannot be shared.
Please be careful not to make a mistake.

Download XM MT4

Select “PLATFORM” from XM official site top page.

Download links for MT4 and MT5 will be displayed, as well as for Windows (for PC) and Mac.

Here, the example of “MT4 for PC” (MT4 for Windows) is explained.

XM MT4/MT5, top page
XM MT4/MT5, platform menu

Download MT4/MT5 from Official Site

Notes for XM MT4/MT5 Download

Be sure to download the PC version of MT4 / MT5 from the official website of XM.

This is because each broker has customized MetaTrader, and in particular, the server to connect to is already registered in advance.

You can also download it from the official website of Metaquotes Software, but even if you search, sometimes the server to connect to XM may not appear.

Download XM MT4

Click “DOWNLOAD” to download installation module.

XM MT4/MT5, mt4 download page

Installation XM MT4

Run Installation Module

Run EXE file to start installation.

XM MT4 Setup

Follow the guidance on screen.
Click “Next”.

XM MT4/MT5, install
XM MT4/MT5, install finish

Launch XM MT4 and Login

Launch MT4

XM MT4/MT5, launch mt4

The image is that MT4 has started.

The “Open an Account” dialog are opened automatically, but close it.

Change Languages

If you want to change languages, click “View” -> “Languages”.

XM MT4/MT5, change language

Login to MT4

Click “File” -> “Login to Trade Account”.

XM MT4/MT5, login

For the login ID, enter the MT4 / MT5 account ID that was sent to you by email when you opened your XM account.

For the password, select the password you set, and for the server, select the server that was also sent by e-mail.

If you forget them, see “FAQ about MT4/MT5” at the end.

Login Successful

If you login successfully, the charts and priceboards will start working if in tradable time zone.

You will also see your account ID at the top of the window and in the navigator area.

XM MT4/MT5, login successful


These are FAQs about MetaTrader.

Cannot Login

The following causes are possible.

  • Incorrect Login ID, Password or Server name.
  • Network is down
  • XM Server is down

The password is set by yourself when you open the account.
If you forget it, please contact support.

If you connect to the wrong server, you will not be able to log in even if your login ID and password are correct.

Please check the email you received when you opened your account.
If you have deleted the email and are not sure, please contact support.

My Server Name is not Listed

You can get the server information in bulk and add it to the MT4 server list by following the steps below.

  1. Click “File” -> “Open an Account” and show dialog window.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the server list and click around “Add a new broker”
  3. Enter the server name you want to search for and press Enter
XM MT4/MT5, search server name

Then, this will search for servers with matching names and add them to the list at once.

The image is searching for the XM server “XMGlobal” that I opened.
You can now select the server you want to connect to.

XM MT4/MT5, search server name by "XM Global"

How to Change Password

You can change your MT4 / MT5 trading password from the XM membership page or from MT4 / MT5.

Change Password from Member Page

From the account list page, select “Actions” -> “Chane Password”.

XM MT4/MT5, how to change password
XM MT4/MT5, enter new password

Change Password from MT4/MT5

Select “Tools” -> “Options”.

You can change password in “Server” tag menu.

XM MT4/MT5, change password

Be noted that you need to change is “master password”.

XM MT4/MT5, change password by MT4/MT5

\Just 3 minutes!!/
Open an Account

Download MT4/MT5 from Official Site


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