How to Utilize TitanFX Free Demo Account


I will explain the TitanFX demo account, which is a very popular broker for its very low fees.

By opening a demo account, you can practice trading and check the actual trading environment in TitanFX.

If you have any doubts about the trading environment, it is a good idea to try a demo account before opening a real account.

This article describes the following:

What you can see in this article
  • How to utilize TitanFX demo account
  • Characteristics of TitanFX demo account
  • Notes on TitanFX demo account
  • How to open TitanFX demo account
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Features and benefits of TitanFX demo account

TitanFX offers demo account.

Really tradeable account that is not demo accounts is commonly called “real account”.

When you open a demo account, equity is set in advance.

No need to deposit.

Just open it and you can start trading immediately.

Characteristics and Benefits of Demo Account
  • Easy registration, no need to submit identity verification documents
  • Equity is prepared and you can trade immediately without deposit
  • Trading is possible in almost the same environment as the production
  • The rate etc. are the same as the actual production and are reflected in real time
  • Products such as currency pairs and CFDs offered are the same as real account
  • Anyone can use it for free
  • No risk of losing your money

What is the purpose of using the TitanFX demo account?

The demo account can be used for the following purposes.

  • Check the trading environment of broker before opening a real account
  • Forex beginners practice trading
  • Try trading currency pairs and CFDs that you haven’t traded before
  • Test EA (Automatic Trading Tool)

Check the trading environment

Regarding the first point of checking the trading environment, you can check the following points by actually trading with the demo account of the forex broker.

  • Is the information on the official website correct, such as spreads?
  • Is there any suspicious point about fluctuations in spreads and prices depending on the time of day and products?
  • Is it easy for orders and payments to pass, or is it slippery?

The demo environment of each broker is provided “almost” the same environment as the real account.

You can check the approximate usability with the demo account.

Forex beginners practice trading

The demo account has almost the same environment as the real account, so you can practice trading in a real rate environment.

Even if you are not a beginner, you may use it as a place to practice, such as trying out newly learned methods.

Try trading currency pairs and CFDs that you haven’t traded before

This is what I do, sometimes I try to trade currency pairs and CFDs that I don’t usually trade.

I can do it with a real account, but since trading of unfamiliar products often loses at first, I use a demo account for verification.

Test EA (Automatic Trading Tool)

EA (Automatic Trading Tool) can be used in MT4 and MT5, a demo account may be used for testing in a real environment (called “forward test”).

Some paid EA’s do not work with demo account, so it is limited, but it is super dangerous to suddenly try EA that you have not used yet with real account, so you need to verify with demo account first.

If you have programming knowledge and skills, you can also develop your own EA using a dedicated language called MQL that runs on MetaTrader.

If you want to test your own EA, you will use demo account.

Precautions when using the TitanFX demo account

In this way, anyone can open a demo account for free and it is a trading environment that can be used easily, but there are cautions when using it.

  • Strictly not exactly the same environment as a real account
  • Withdrawal is not allowed
  • Deposit is not allowed
  • Demo account cannot become real account
  • Lack a feeling of tension

Strictly not exactly the same environment as a real account

Demo account is said to be “almost” the same environment as real account, but it is not exactly the same environment.

If you want to check the usability of a real account strictly, it is best to try using a real account even with very small margin.

Withdrawal is not allowed

Of course, even if you make a profit, you cannot withdraw.

Of course, you cannot withdraw the margin that is set automatically when you opened the demo account.

Deposit is not allowed

You cannot deposit to the demo account.

Even if your margin balance becomes zero during trade verification, you cannot deposit and increase your margin.
In this case you will have to open a demo account again.

In addition, some brokers will increase the margin of the demo account on an application basis.

Demo account cannot become real account

If you like the trading environment and want to continue trading with that broker, you need to open a real account again.

In that case, please note that the account number and the server name to login to MetaTrader will also change.

Lack a feeling of tension

This is the most important point.

The demo environment is not your own money, so you can trade as much as you want.

Even if you trade in a high lot that you would never normally do and lose a lot, there is no shock.

There is no point in practicing trading or verifying the method if you trade completely differently than usual.

Those brokers who practice and verify trading should keep in mind this part.

Otherwise, you will be doing the same trade, and you will lose in the real account.

TitanFX Demo Account Specifications

Keep the following in mind when creating a demo account in TitanFX:

  • Up to 1 demo account per one email address
  • Expiration date is 30 days
  • Open a demo account from the PC version of MetaTrader

At TitanFX, you can apply for a demo account from MetaTrader instead of the official website.

However, it is not difficult, so if you follow the steps below, there is no problem.

For more information on TitanFX account types, see the separate article, “TitanFX All Account Types“.

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How to open TitanFX demo account

From here, I will explain steps for opening a TitanFX demo account.

Open demo account from TitanFX top page

Click “Try a free demo” on the TitanFX top page, or “Demo Account” in the menu.

TitanFX demo account, top page
TitanFX demo account, top page menu

Apply for TitanFX demo account

Register name and email address to apply demo account.

You can select trading platform from MT4 and MT5 as you want to use.

Then click “Get Started”.

TitanFX demo account, apply for demo account

Registration completed

You will get an email from TitanFX that shows you the next step.

Open the email.

TitanFX demo account, register complete

Confirm the email

You can find a download link of MetaTrader in the email.

Click the link to download MT4 or MT5 that you selected in registration form.

You can also find a server name to connect your demo account from MetaTrader.

This will be used later.

TitanFX demo account, email

Install MetaTrader (MT4/MT5)

Click installation module (.exe) to setup MetaTrader.

TitanFX demo account, MT4/MT5 install

MT4/MT5 installation is finished

The installation will be completed in a few minutes.

Click Finish and MT4 / MT5 will start automatically.

TitanFX demo account, MT4/MT5 installation finished

Launch MetaTrader and apply demo account

After finished installation, launch MetaTrader.

Then click “File” – “Open an Account”.

TitanFX demo account, open an account from MetaTrader

Select Trading Servers

Select demo server that is described in the email.

Then click “Next”.

TitanFX demo account, select MetaTrader server

New demo account

Select “New demo account”.

TitanFX demo account, open a demo account from MetaTrader

Personal details

Enter your personal information.

TitanFX demo account, account settings

For account types, you can select both of Standard account type and Blade account type.

With selecting account type, select base currency from USD, EUR and JPY.

For initial investment amount, you can enter any amount as you like.
It will be set as equity of demo account automatically.

For leverage, you can select any leverage from 1:1 to 1:500.

Confirm account information

Click Next and the demo account will be created immediately according to your input.

The login ID, password of the demo account that was automatically determined will be displayed.

Don’t forget them.

TitanFX demo account, demo account information

Start trading with demo account

Once the demo account registration is complete, the information such as margin will be reflected in MetaTrader.

You can actually trade at any time when you can trade.

TitanFX demo account, launch MetaTrader

How to Install and Login to MetaTrader

If you haven’t installed TitanFX MT4 and MT5 yet, please refer to “TitanFX MT4/MT5, How to Install and Login” for PC version of MetaTrader, and for mobile app, refer to “How to Install MT4/MT5 Mobile App” and install MetaTrader.

After installation, you can login to MetaTrader by using login ID, password and server name that was informed by email.

When you login, the margin is already set, so you can trade with demo account now!

TitanFX MT4/MT5 | How to Download, Install and Login
TitanFX allows us to use MetaTrader as a trading platform.Both MT4 and MT5 can be used in TitanFX.MetaTrader is a tradin
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That’s all.

Make good use of the demo account to get used to trading and verify the trading environment.

I recommend that you make sure before opening a real account.

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