TitanFX Spreads Review | TitanFX Spreads are Narrow


This is an article about spreads of TitanFX.

TitanFX doesn’t offer any bonuses, but the spreads are narrower.

Depending on the product, you can trade with a considerably narrower spread than other forex brokers.

In this article, I will explain the following:

You can know in this article;
  • All spread list of TitanFX
  • The reason why traders choose TitanFX
  • How to narrow the spread as much as possible

What is Spread?

The difference between the selling price (Bid) and the buying price (Ask) is called a spread, and this is the actual commission of the Forex broker.

For details on why spreads widen, why spreads change depending on the broker, symbol, and time of day, etc., please refer to the separate article “Low Spread Forex Brokers“.をご覧ください。

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TitanFX Account Type

There are two types of TitanFX account types.

ZERO Standard account (STP method) and ZERO Blade account (ECN method).

Since the ZERO Blade method is an ECN account, transaction fees are collected, but it is in the cheap category at $3.5 per lot ($7 round trips).

PlatformMT4, MT5MT4, MT5
Contract size1 lot = 100,0001ロット=100,000通貨
Min trade volume0.01 lot0.01ロット
Max leverage1:5001:500
Margin call90%90%
Stop out20%20%
Min spread1.0pips~0.0pips~
Commission feeXRound $7/lot
Lot restriction per ticket100 lots100 lots
Max orders200 positions200 positions
Min deposit$200$200
Stop level0.0pips0.0pips

For more information on TitanFX account types, please see the separate article “TitanFX All Account Types | Which account is the best for you?“.

TitanFX All Account Types | Which account is the best for you?
Introducing the account types of TitanFX.TitanFX is famous for its low fees. Spreads are narrow and transaction fees are

All Spreads List in TitanFX

I have compiled a list of spreads for all products posted on the official website in an easy-to-understand manner.

The spreads for ZERO Standard Account and ZERO Blade Account are listed together.

Both are average spreads.

Currency Pair Spreads

Major Currency pair

SymbolZERO Standard AccountZERO Blade Account
EURUSD1.2 pips0.2 pips
GBPUSD1.57 pips0.57 pips
AUDUSD1.52 pips0.52 pips
USDJPY1.33 pips0.33 pips
USDCHF1.92 pips0.92 pips

Minor Currency Pair

SymbolZERO Standard AccountZERO Blade Account
AUDCAD2.51 pips1.51 pips
AUDCHF2.41 pips1.41 pips
AUDNZD3.03 pips2.03 pips
AUDSGD3.55 pips2.55 pips
EURAUD2.75 pips1.75 pips
EURCHF2.04 pips1.04 pip
EURGBP1.53 pips0.53 pips
GBPAUD3.94 pips2.94 pips
GBPCHF3.32 pips2.32 pips
NZDUSD1.86 pips0.86 pip

JPY Currency Pair

SymbolZERO Standard AccountZERO Blade Account
AUDJPY2.12 pips1.12 pips
CADJPY2.1 pips1.1 pips
CHFJPY2.31 pips1.31 pips
CNHJPY1.55 pips0.55 pips
EURJPY1.74 pips0.74 pips
GBPJPY2.45 pips1.45 pips
MXNJPY1.32 pips0.32 pips
NZDJPY2.62 pips1.62 pips
THBJPY2.95 pips1.95 pips
ZARJPY1.44 pips0.44 pips

Cross Currency Pair

SymbolZERO Standard AccountZERO Blade Account
CADCHF2.64 pips1.64 pips
EURCAD2.4 pips1.4 pips
EURNZD4.69 pips3.69 pips
GBPCAD3.86 pips2.86 pips
GBPNZD5.81 pips4.81 pips
USDCAD1.55 pips0.55 pips

Exotic Currency Pair

SymbolZERO Standard AccountZERO Blade Account
CHFSGD5.95 pips4.95 pips
EURCZK13.53 pips12.53 pips
EURSGD5.18 pips4.18 pips
EURZAR8.01 pips7.01 pips
GBPSGD6.48 pips5.48 pips
GBPTRY27.43 pips26.43 pips
NZDCAD4.24 pips3.24 pips
NZDCHF3.99 pips2.99 pips
SGDJPY3.16 pips2.16 pips
USDCNH9.28 pips8.28 pips
USDCZK61.8 pips60.8 pips
USDMXN4.52 pips3.52 pips
USDRUB801 pips800 pips
USDSGD3.37 pips2.37 pips
USDTHB3.22 pips2.22 pips
USDZAR36.69 pips35.69 pips

European Currency Pair

SymbolZERO Standard AccountZERO Blade Account
EURNOK70.02 pips70.02 pips
EURPLN21.31 pips20.31 pips
EURSEK30.73 pips29.73 pips
EURTRY26.92 pips25.92 pips
GBPNOK87.57 pips86.57 pips
GBPSEK57.73 pips56.73 pips
NOKJPY2.07 pips1.07 pips
NOKSEK2.49 pips1.49 pips
SEKJPY3.05 pips2.05 pips
USDNOK41.47 pips40.47 pips
USDPLN3.24 pips2.24 pips
USDSEK29.25 pips28.25 pips
USDTRY11.57 pips10.57 pips

Metal Spreads

Metal spreads are narrower than other brokers.

SymbolZERO Standard AccountZERO Blade Account
XAUEUR2.39 pips2.27 pips
XAUUSD2.23 pips2.11 pips
XAUAUD2.72 pips2.6 pips
XAGEUR2.73 pips2.61 pips
XAGUSD2.13 pips2.01 pips
XPDUSD30.12 pips30 pips
XPTUSD30.12 pips30 pips
XAGAUD1.74 pips1.62 pips
XAUCHF3.30 pips3.18 pips
XAUGBP2.75 pips2.63 pips
XAUJPY3.02 pips2.90 pips

Energy Spreads

SymbolZERO Standard AccountZERO Blade Account
XBRUSD0.71 pips0.59 pips
XTIUSD0.69 pips0.57 pips
UKOUSD0.71 pips0.59 pips
USOUSD0.69 pips0.57 pips

The reason why traders choose TitanFX

Looking at it this way, TitanFX spreads can be very narrow for some products. (USDCAD, XAUUSD, etc.)

TitanFX doesn’t offer any bonuses, but it’s a reasonably popular broker.

This is because it has the following advantages over other forex brokers.

  • Max 1:500 high leverage
  • Negative protection system, you never be in debt
  • Both of MT4 and MT5 allowed
  • No requote
  • Good support, chat service

To trade with the narrowest spread as possible

Spreads should be as narrow as possible.

You can trade with a narrower spread by taking the following measures and precautions.

Do not trade during times when spreads widen

Spreads tend to be narrower when there are many trading participants in the market, that is when liquidity is high.

Also when the important economics news and indicators are accnounced, and when if there are big news in the world, spreads tend to widen as well.

You can prevent spreads from widening strangely by trading at the most normal time of day when trading is active.


What did you think?

TitanFX offers narrow spreads for some products.

There are no bonuses, but I think it’s not a bad broker for those traders who just want to focus on trading.

If you are still hesitant to use TitanFX, why not open a real account and trade for time being, or try a demo account.

How to Utilize TitanFX Free Demo Account
I will explain the TitanFX demo account, which is a very popular broker for its very low fees. By opening a demo account

\Just 3 minutes!!/
Open an Account

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