LAND-FX Bonus Program Review | How to get bonus?


This article explains about LAND-FX bonus program.

LAND-FX offers very narrow spreads, very good trading environment.

In addition, LAND-FX offers bonus programs.

As of March 2021, LAND-FX offers deposit bonus and cash back program.

By utilizing the bonus, you can start trading with a small amount of money, reduce the risk and aim for a large profit.

In this article, I will explain in detail the types and characteristics of bonuses offered by LAND-FX, how to receive them, and points to note.

You can learn by this article;
  • Types and characteristics of bonuses offered by LAND-FX
  • How to receive and utilize LAND-FX bonus
  • Notes on LAND-FX bonus

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429 Too Many Requests

What is Bonus program?

This is common not only to LAND-FX but to all Forex brokers, bonuses generally refer to the following.

  • By meeting certain conditions such as opening an account and making a deposit
  • To receive “money” that can be used as margin

It is difficult to express this “money”, and I think that it is difficult for beginners to understand.

Generally, bonuses are added to the “credit” frame in MetaTrader (MT4, MT5).Strictly speaking, this is not “cash” and you cannot withdraw this.

On the other hand, the money you deposit for trading funds falls into the “balance” frame.

Margin required for Forex trading is calculated by balance + credit.

This means that the bonus cannot be withdrawn by itself, but can be used as margin.

Benefits of getting a bonus

The benefits of receiving a bonus are:

  • You can start trading just by opening an account without making a deposit.
  • Because the margin increases, you can aim for a big profit even with a small deposit amount.
  • You can trade with less funds by using the deposit bonus.
  • The real spread can be narrowed by the amount of the bonus.

As the margin increases, you can trade with less risk.

In other word, for example, with a 30% deposit bonus, you can take 1.3 times the risk with the same amount of funds.

Regardless of the way of thinking, from the perspective of risk and return, even if you take the same risk, you can expect a larger return.

Also, regarding the real spread at the end, if you get a bonus, the input cost per trading unit will be lower, so you can think that the real spread (transaction cost) will be narrower (cheaper).

On the other hand, LAND-FX is famous for its narrow spreads.

Honestly, the bonuses of LAND-FX are not so luxurious compared to other brokers.

There is no non-deposit bonus.

Only deposit bonus is offered, but it’s conditions are not so good.

It is also important not to miss these opportunities so that the trading conditions will improve as much as possible.

Disadvantages of getting a bonus

Regard to disadvantage, but there is nothing in particular.

The point is that you need to be careful not to get freeze your account or refuse to withdraw because it is considered a trade that abuses your bonus.

This is a violation of the rules, so of course you shouldn’t do it, but it seems that some people do it innocently.

Examples of bonus abuse are as follows.
  • Repeatedly earn account opening bonuses in the name of another email address, family member
  • Having cross orders in accounts

LAND-FX offers negative balance protection (NBP) system.

This is a system that returns the balance to zero without generating margins or borrowing even if the balance becomes negative.

You can make a profit by abusing the bonus and NBP system.

For example, let’s say you want to trade the same currency pair on both sides (cross order) with full leverage and the maximum lot limit.

If the market moves to either side, one may be negative and meet the stop out, but the other will be profitable.

The negative one will automatically be a stop out, but since there is NBP system, it will not be a loss.

If you close the position that has unrealized profit, it will be profit.
This is clearly an abuse of the bonus.

Your account will be frozen.

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LAND-FX Bonus Types

Now, let’s take a closer look at the LAND-FX bonus program.

LAND-FX offers 10% deposit bonus and cashback service called recovery bonus.

Bonus ProgramBonus AmountRemark
10% Deposit BonusMax $3,000Only for Live Account
Recovery Bonus5% of first depositOnly for Live Account

LAND-FX 10% Deposit Bonus

LAND-FX 10% deposit bonus is a bonus program that you can get according to the deposit amount when you deposit to a real account.

LAND-FX always offers 10% deposit bonus.

Generally speaking, a deposit bonus means that when you deposit, a bonus is added at a certain grant rate and the margin increases.

However, LAND-FX deposit bonus is a little different.

LAND-FX deposit bonus is not granted when you deposit, but only after you have completed a certain number of trades (lots).

The maximum bonus amount is $3,000.

It can be applied only once.

I will explain the conditions in detail from here.

How to get LAND-FX 10% deposit bonus

The procedure is as follows.

  1. Open a Live account
  2. Make a deposit
  3. Make a transaction
  4. Apply deposit bonus to support after making a certain trade

Only for Live accounts

Only Live account is eligible for LAND-FX 10% deposit bonus.

ECN account is not eligible.

Target is only the first deposit

LAND-FX 10% deposit bonus is only applicable to the first deposit after opening a Live account.

If you want to get 10% deposit bonus, you need to consider how much you will deposit according to the following trading volume conditions.

Certain amount of trade is required to get the bonus

You need to trade a certain amount to get LAND-FX 10% deposit bonus.

The following are the conditions.

For example, if you try to get the maximum amount of 10% deposit bonus of $3,000,

  • Deposit of $30,000
  • Trade of 600 lots

is required.

Trading 600 lots is quite a lot, and depositing $30,000 is also very hard so you need to decide the initial deposit amount while considering the trading volume that you can aim for.

Bonus can be withdrawn

LAND-FX 10% deposit bonus can be withdrawn.

After you get it, you can use it for trading or you can withdraw it as it is.

It is necessary to apply for support after clearing the conditions of transaction volume

You will need to contact support by email after completing the required trading volume.

Please email to

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LAND-FX Recovery Bonus

LAND-FX Recovery Bonus is that 5% of the first deposit amount will be cashed back only if the stop out occurred.

LAND-FX Recovery Bonus is a little different from the general bonus.

How to get LAND-FX Recovery Bonus

The procedure is as follows.

  1. Do trading
  2. If stop our occurs, apply recovery bonus to support

Only for Live accounts

Only Live account is eligible for LAND-FX 10% deposit bonus.

ECN account is not eligible.

Only for the first deposit

The LAND-FX recovery bonus applies only to the first deposit after opening a Live account.

5% of the initial deposit amount will be cashed back.

Recovery Bonus cannot be withdrawn

LAND-FX recovery bonus cannot be withdrawn.

10% deposit bonus can be withdrawn, but recovery bonus goes into the credit limit and can be used as margin.

Apply to support after stop out

If stop out occurs, you will need to contact support by email to receive a recovery bonus.

Please email to


How was it?

To be honest, LAND-FX 10% deposit bonus and recovery bonus are not very easy to use.

However, if you use it, you can definitely reduce the risk and cost, so please do not miss this opportunity.

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