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What is Forex Trading Hours

Forex is a market that does not sleep 24 hours a day, but it is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

In addition, for products other than currency pairs such as CFDs that can be traded in forex brokers, the trading time is fixed for each.

In this article, I will explain how to check the trading hours on iFOREX.

Please refer to the separate article for forex trading hours and market trends and precautions for each time zone.

What is Forex Trading Hours?
In November, both Europe and the United States switched from daylight saving time to standard time.It should be noted th

iFOREX Trading Hours

iFOREX trading hours are from 22:05 on Sunday to 21:00 on Friday in GMT.

Daylight saving time is one hour earlier than standard time.

What is iFOREX Server Time?

Server time is the time displayed on the trading platform.

Unlike other brokers, iFOREX does not offer MetaTrader (MT4 / MT5).
iFOREX provides a unique trading tool (web platform) called FXnetView, and the chart is displayed for server time.

iFOREX is an overseas forex broker that serves traders all over the world, then it has unified server time all over the world.

The server time of iFOREX is as follows.

Standard TimeDST
Server TimeGMT+0GMT+1

iFOREX server time is same as London time.
For example, Japan time is GMT+9, so if you open MT4 at 9:00 am (GMT+9) in Japan during standard time, the time below the chart will be 0:00 (GMT+0).
This is server time.

The image is the one where I actually logged in to iFOREX and displayed the trading tool. The time below the chart is the server time.

iFOREX server time
iFOREX server time on each chart

What do I have to do when switching between DLT and standard time?

You don’t have to change any settings yourself.

However, the announcement time of economic indicators in the US and Europe will change by one hour, so please be careful when organizing your positions in preparation for important indicators.

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How to Check the Trading Hours of Each Products on iFOREX

From here, I will introduce how to actually check the trading time for each product from iFOREX official website.

>>iFOREX Official Website

Top Page -> Scroll Down -> Trading Conditions

how to check iFOREX trading hours
iFOREX trading hours (currencies and cryptos)
iFOREX trading hours (commodities)
iFOREX trading hours (indexes)
iFOREX trading hours (shares)
iFOREX trading hours (ETFs)

That’s all.

It’s a trading time that you don’t usually pay attention to, but you should check it just in case when it switch between daylight saving time and standard time, or when you trade a different product than usual.

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