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I will explain how to deposit into Tradeview account.

If you haven’t opened a Tradeview account yet, please open an account by referring to my article.

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Tradeview Deposit Methods

The following deposit methods are available on Tradeview.
I pick up only the ones that are often used.

Available deposit methods vary depending on your country of residence.

The explanations from here on are based on the ones available in Thailand where I live, but please visit the official website to know which deposit methods are available in your country.

>>Check All Deposit Methods on Tradeview Official Website

MethodFeesProcessing Time
Credit CardsNo FeesInstantly
SkrillNo FeesInstantly
NETELLERNo FeesInstantly
bitwalletNo FeesInstantly
bitpay (Crypto)No FeesWithin 30 min
STICKPAYNo FeesInstantly
Bank WireNo Fees1-2 Business Days
Tradeview deposit method 1
Tradeview deposit method 2
Tradeview deposit method 3

Restrictions on withdrawal by deposit method

There are the following restrictions.
From a money laundering perspective, this is almost same for any forex broker.

  • If you deposit with a credit card, you can withdraw up to the deposit amount.
  • For credit cards, there may be further restrictions depending on the card company.

If you deposit with a credit card, the maximum withdrawal amount is the deposit amount.
In other words, if you make a profit, you can only withdraw the profit by bank transfer.

Although it is a restriction by the credit card company, for example, you may not be able to withdraw money after a certain period of time (several months).
This is because in the case of credit card withdrawal, it will be refunded (withdrawn) by canceling the deposit.
For the same reason, credit card withdrawals may take long time.

How to Deposit into Tradeview Account

From here, I will explain the specific deposit method using my account.

Only the main ones will be explained.
Skrill, NETELLER, STICKPAY and other e-wallet services have almost the same flow.

As mentioned above, the available deposit methods vary depending on the country or region where you live, but here I will explain the following major deposit methods.

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • bitwallet
  • bitpay
  • Bank Wire

Log in to Tradeview Cabinet

First, log in from Tradeview top page into Cabinet.

Click “Deposits”

Tradeview cabinet

The deposit methods will be shown that you can use in your country.

tradeview cabinet, deposits

Deposit by Credit Card

You can use VISA and Mastercard to deposit.

Select “Credit Card”

tradeview credit card deposit

Notes for Credit Card Deposit

If you deposit with a credit card, the withdrawal amount is up to the deposit amount.

Also, you can only withdraw with the same card.

Contact Information and Deposit Amount

Enter your name, check your deposit account, and specify your deposit amount and currency.
After specifying, click “Submit”.

tradeview credit card deposit, enter amount

Enter Credit Card Information

You will automatically be taken to the payment company screen, so enter the credit card information used for deposit.

After entering, click “Pay” to process the deposit.

tradeview credit card deposit, enter card information

Deposit by NETELLER


tradeview neteller deposit

Confirm Account Number and the Deposit Amount

Select a Tradeview account and enter the deposit currency and deposit amount.

After entering, click “Submit”.

tradeview neteller deposit, enter email and amount

Send Money from NETELLER to Tradeview

You will be automatically redirected to the NETELLER homepage.

You can send money from your NETELLER account to Tradeview.

tradeview neteller deposit, login to neteller

Deposit by bitwallet

Select “bitwallet”

tradeview bitwallet deposit

Notes for bitwallet Deposit

The registered address of bitwallet must be the same as the email address registered in Tradeview.

If they are different, please add the same email address as Tradeview on the bitwallet side.

Enter bitwallet e-mail Address and Deposit Amount

tradeview bitwallet deposit, enter amount

Log in to bitwallet

You will be automatically redirected to the bitwallet homepage, so log in.

In the remittance amount column, the amount you specified is displayed.

The merchant name Tradeview Ltd is the operator of Tradeview.

Do Payment to Tradeview from bitwallet Account.

tradeview bitwallet deposit, log into bitwallet

Deposit by bitpay

Select “bitpay”

Select “bitwallet” from the deposit method.
You can deposit in cryptocurrencies supported by bitpay.

tradeview bitpay deposit

It is not necessary to register as a user with bitpay in advance.

bitpay is just an intermediary.

No fees are collected from Tradeview, but bitpay does collect the following fees:


Redemption fee: 1.05% of the remittance amount

Network fee: 0.0003 BTC

0.0003BTC is $ 5.3468 as of December 11, 2020, at the time of writing this article.

In addition, a conversion fee of 1.05% of the remittance amount will be charged, so if you remit $ 1000, the total fee will be about $ 16.

Enter Deposit Amount

Enter your name, check the deposit account, specify the deposit amount, and click “Submit”.

tradeview bitpay deposit, enter amount

Select “bitpay”

tradeview bitpay deposit, select bitpay

Select Crypto

tradeview bitpay deposit, select crypto

Confirm Destination Address and Do Payment

The address is displayed.

Scan the QR code and send money from your crypto wallet.

Alternatively, click the copy mark on the upper left to display the remittance destination address.
You can copy and send money from your wallet.

tradeview bitpay deposit, do payment by qr code

Deposit by Bank Wire

Select “Bank Wire”

You can select any bank you want to use.

tradeview bank wire deposit

Confirm Deposit Bank Account and Do Remittance

After sending the money, please send the evidence of the money to Tradeview support.
It will ensure that your deposit is collated and will help your money to arrive in your account faster.

tradeview bitpay deposit, do remittance


I explained how to deposit Tradeview.

A general notes with forex brokers is that deposit methods are changed sometimes.
Also, as mentioned above, the available deposit methods differ depending on the country or region where you live, so please check the official website to confirm it.

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