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I will explain how to deposit into TMGM account.

If you haven’t opened a TMGM account yet, please open an account by referring to my article.

TMGM(TradeMax) | How to Open an Account
I will explain how to open a TMGM (TradeMax) account.If you register according to this procedure, it will be completed i

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TMGM Deposit Methods

The following deposit methods are available on TMGM.

Available deposit methods vary depending on your country of residence.

The explanations from here on are based on the ones available in Thailand where I live, but please visit the official website to know which deposit methods are available in your country.

MethodsFeesProcessing Time
Credit Cards
(VISA, Master)
No FeesInstant
Bank TransferNo Fees1 Working Day
NETELLERNo FeesInstant
SkrillNo FeesInstant
Union PayNo FeesInstant
AlipayNo FeesInstant
FasapayNo FeesInstant
STICKPAYNo FeesInstant
TMGM deposit methods

Restrictions on withdrawal by deposit method

There are the following restrictions.
From a money laundering perspective, this is almost same for any forex broker.

  • If you deposit with a credit card, you can withdraw up to the deposit amount.
  • For credit cards, there may be further restrictions depending on the card company.

If you deposit with a credit card, the maximum withdrawal amount is the deposit amount.
In other words, if you make a profit, you can only withdraw the profit by bank transfer.

Although it is a restriction by the credit card company, for example, you may not be able to withdraw money after a certain period of time (several months).
This is because in the case of credit card withdrawal, it will be refunded (withdrawn) by canceling the deposit.
For the same reason, credit card withdrawals may take long time.

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Hot to Deposit into TMGM Account

From here, I will explain the specific deposit method using my account.

Only the main ones will be explained.
E-Wallet services such as Skrill, NETELLER, STICKPAY have almost the same flow.

As mentioned above, the available deposit methods vary depending on the country or region where you live, but here I will explain the following major deposit methods.

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • International Bank Transfer
  • USDT (Tether)

Log in to TMGM Portal

First, log in from TMGM top page to Portal page.

Click “Funding Management”

TMGM Funding Page

Select TMGM Account

Click “DEPOSIT” for the account to be deposited.

If you have multiple accounts, please do not make a mistake.

The image below is mine with two accounts.

select TMGM account

Deposit by Credit/Debit Card

This is the procedure for depositing with a credit card.

The following credit cards are accepted.

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • AMEX

Select “Credit&Debit Purchase”

TMGM credit card deposit

Notes for Credit/Debit Card Deposit

The minimum deposit is $100.
The maximum is $ 10,000.

In addition, when depositing, it will be settled in Euros.
This seems to be the rule of the payment agent entrusted by TMGM.

Enter the Deposit Amount

TMGM credit card deposit, enter amount
TMGM credit card deposit, submit

Jump to Payment Screen

TMGM credit card deposit, jump to credit card payment page

Enter Credit Card Information

The deposit amount of $ 100 you specified earlier is displayed in euros.

TMGM credit card deposit, enter credit card information

Deposit by International Bank Transfer

Select “Bank Wire Global”

TMGM international bank transfer deposit,

Notes for International Bank Transfer-Currency selection

For international bank transfers, first select the currency you want to transfer.

This is very important, and the transfer account number will change depending on the currency you send.

TMGM’s account is located at National Australia Bank, but the accounts it accepts are divided according to currency.
Probably because the currency is set for each account.

The images below are for the Japanese Yen (JPY) and the US Dollar (USD).
You can see that the account name and account number are different.

TMGM international bank transfer deposit, select currency (JPY)
TMGM international bank transfer deposit, select currency (USD)

Confirm Bank Account and Do Remittance

TMGM international bank transfer deposit, do remittance

Deposit by USDT (Tether)

Next is the procedure for depositing the cryptocurrency USDT (Tether).

As you know, USDT is a cryptocurrency created with the purpose of being about the same value as the US dollar (USD).

Cryptocurrency price fluctuations are linked to the USD and are not suitable for speculation.

On the contrary, since the price is stable, the exchange value is high, and I think that it is useful as a means of remittance in this way.

However, there are drawbacks.

The USDT remittance screen on TMGM is all Chinese for some reason.
I do not know the reason.

Is this just only me in Thailand?
I will explain for the time being.

Select “USDT”

TMGM USDT(tether) deposit

Confirm Account and the Deposit Amount

TMGM USDT(tether) deposit, enter amount

Select ERC20 / OMNI

From here all is in Chinese.

Here, select ERC20 (Ethereum) or OMNI (Bitcoin), which is the blockchain method adopted by Tether.

TMGM USDT(tether) deposit, select erc20 or omni


Send money to the displayed address.

I specified $ 100 for the remittance amount, and the tether amount is displayed as 100.099241USDT.
You can see that it is almost the same value as USD.

TMGM USDT(tether) deposit, send usdt

Deposit by STICKPAY



Confirm Account and the Deposit Amount

TMGM STICKPAY deposit, enter amount

Log in into STICKPAY, Do Payment

TMGM STICKPAY deposit, login to stickpay


I explained how to deposit TMGM.

A general notes with forex brokers is that deposit methods are changed sometimes.
Also, as mentioned above, the available deposit methods differ depending on the country or region where you live, so please check the official website to confirm it.

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