HotForex | How to Open an Account


I will explain how to open a HotForex account.

If you register according to this procedure, it will be completed in a few minutes. Then the identity verification documents will be uploaded and reviewed. This is the same for any broker.

Click “Open Live Account” on HotForex official website and enter the required information.
This page explains using a screenshot of PC, but you can also register from your smartphone.

First of all, HotForex creates two accounts.
Open a wallet account first, then a trading account.

The wallet account is the deposit / withdrawal destination. You can trade by transferring funds from wallet account to your trading account. The reverse flow is when withdrawing money. It’s easy to understand once you try it.

Let’s get started!!

\Just 3 minutes!!/
Open an Account

Steps for Opening Account in HotForex

  1. Register information and open a wallet account
  2. Upload documents (PLE and POA)
  3. Open a trading account

Documents for PLE and POA in HotForex

The following two types are required. Prepare in advance.

  • PLE (Proof of Legal Existence)
  • POA (Proof of Address)

Each requires one of the following:
PLE is limited to those within the expiration date, and POA is limited to those within 6 months after issued.


  • Passport
  • Driver’s license
  • ID card (Government issued)


  • Bill invoice (Gas, Electric, Internet, Phone)
  • Bill invoice (Credit card)
  • Bank Statement (Bank issued)

How to Open an Account in HotForex

Click “Open Live Account” on HotForex official website.

HotForex top page

Basic Information

Fill in basic information such as name and email address and click Register.

HotForex basic information

Activate Account

You will receive an email immediately, then activate your account.

HotForex activate account
HotForex activate account

Login to myHF

You will receive an email soon.
Since the login information for myHF (myHotForex portal) is written, log in.

HotForex login to my hotforex
HotForex login

Continue Registration

myHF says to complete the registration.
Click “Click here” or the edit mark on the upper right.

HotForex continue registration

Personal Information

Enter the address etc.
Address should be same as POA document.

HotForex personal information

Base Currency

Select USD or EUR.

HotForex base currency

Investor Information and Economic Profile

Answer these questions.

HotForex investor information
HotForex investor information

Upload Documents for Identity Verification

Submit your identity verification documents to activate your account.

HotForex upload identify documents
HotForex upload poa document

When you upload the document, it will change to the status of approval process.

Once approved, you will be able to open a trading account.

Open a Trading Account

Next, open a trading account.

Click Open new Trading Account on myHF.

HotForex open a trading account

Account Type and Platform

Select account type, leverage and trading platform.

The 30% Rescue Bonus is only available for Micro and Premium accounts and for MT4.

For Introducing Broker ID, please input “343266”.

Then click Open Account to confirm your trading account.

Please refer to separated article “HotForex All Account Types” to know the conditions and specs of each account type.

HotForex account type
HotForex All Account Types | Which account is the best for you?
Introducing the account types of HotForex.HotForex has services all over the world and is very famous and highly evaluat


When completed, the account number, password and MT4/MT5 server information will be displayed. You will receive the same information by email as well. Don’t forget it.

This completes the account opening.
You can deposit and start trading.

\Just 3 minutes!!/
Open an Account

>>HotForex Official Site


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