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Axiory is very popular due to its low transaction fees and excellent support from their support team.

Axiory doesn’t provide bonus programs, but it’s worth to be a main broker.

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CompanyPT International Limited
Regulated byIFSC(Belize)
Max Leverage1:777 / 1:400
Spreads *STP/Avg.1.2pips/EURUSD、1.3pips/USDJPY
*Standard Account
Commission *ECN$6/lot
ProductsForex:61, Index:10, Metal:4, Energy:5, Stocks:78
Account Types4 Types (NANO, STANDARD, MAX, TERA)
Negative Balance
Stop Out20%
Deposit & Withdrawal FeesNone
SupportPhone, Chat, E-Mail
PlatformMT4, MT5, cTrader

Axiory Advantage and Disadvantage

  • Customer assets are completely protected in trust
  • Narrow spreads
  • Excellent support
  • Many products
  • No rumors of refusal to withdraw
  • High leverage up to 1:777
  • Negative balance protection system
  • No bonus programs

Axiory is Recommended for Such Traders!

Recommended for Such Traders!
  • Narrow spreads!
  • Want to start with small capital
  • Need negative balance protection
  • Need rich support

Is Axiory a Reliable Broker? Or Scam?

I can say Axiory is a fairly reliable broker.

Axiory is quite popular because of its low fees and good support.
But these are not the only reason.

It can be said that Axiory is quite reliable.
This is also one of the reasons for its high evaluation.

Axiory Licenses

Axiory has the following licenses.

  • IFSC (Belize)

This is not outstanding compared to other forex brokers.
It only meets the minimum requirements.

Axiory stands out in the following asset conservation schemes.

Axiory Asset Conservation

Is there any measure to protect customer assets?

What happens to our assets (margin and profits deposited) if the forex broker goes bankrupt?

It should be decided that the forex broker who can guarantee customer assets as much as possible is more reliable.

It is the asset conservation system to evaluate it.

There are two main types of asset conservation systems.

  • Conservation Trust
  • Segregation of Funds

Conservation Trust is more reliable.

Conservation Trust means depositing all the customer assets to a third institution such as a bank. Forex brokers cannot withdraw funds without permission unless the customer instructs them to withdraw. Even if the forex broker goes bankrupt, the customer’s assets (balance at that time) are protected and guaranteed.

Segregation of Funds is to manage the operating costs of the forex broker and the assets under custody from the customer in separate accounts. Unlike Conservation Trust, the management is done by the forex broker itself, so even if the forex broker goes bankrupt, the customer’s assets are may not fully guaranteed.

How does Axiory manage customer assets?

Axiory protects customer assets by Conservation Trust scheme.

Moreover, there is no upper limit.

The official website also explains that, and it is clearly stated that the customer’s assets are fully guaranteed, including not only the balance of the deposited margin, but also the investment profit and the unrealized profit (unrealized profit at that time).

This is pretty reliable.
In the unlikely event that something happens, your assets are fully guaranteed.

It can be said with confidence that Axiory is a fairly reliable broker.

Axiory Products

Axiory offers 158 products.

The number of products handled by Axiory used to be at a normal level, but in November 2020, Axiory started handling CFDs for US stocks, making it a very attractive broker.

Currently, the only individual stocks are US stocks, but it is said that stocks from other countries will be added in the future. It seems to become more and more popular.

  • Currency : 61
  • Index : 10
  • Energy : 5
  • Metal : 4
  • Stocks : 78
  • Total : 158

Please refer to another article for a detailed explanation of the products handled by Axiory and the terms and conditions of the transaction.

Axiory All Products and Trading Conditions | Forex and CFDs
As explained in the article "Forex Broker Products Comparison Review", each forex broker offers very attractiv

Can Cryptocurrencies be Traded in Axiory?

Recently, trading of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and other Altcoin has become popular again.

It is very popular with short-term traders due to its large price fluctuations.

Bitcoin has also risen steadily, finally surpassing $ 20,000 in late 2020. There are also long-term traders.

Can cryptocurrencies be traded in Axiory?

Unfortunately, Axiory does not allow you to trade cryptocurrencies.

Axiory offers quite good trading conditions, and amazing good support as well, so I really hope Axiory will offer cryptos in the near future.

The forex brokers that allow to trade cryptos are summarized in a separate article, “Best Forex Broker for Crypto Trading“.

I also introduce trading conditions and recommended brokers, so please take a look.

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Axiory Account Types

There are 4 types in all.

The characteristics of each account are as follows.
The major difference is the fee depending on the ordering method.

MAX account provides the highest leverage, 1:777, but quite wide spread.
So I don’t recommend MAX account.

Axiory account type

Regarding Axiory all account types, refer to the separate article, “Axiory All Account Types” that explain you the detailed specifications and conditions.

Also, regarding opening an account, please refer to the separate article “How to open Axiory account“, which explains the procedure for opening an account using images.

Axiory All Account Types | Which account is the best for you?
Introducing the Axiory account type.Axiory offers very narrow spreads and is extremely popular with traders all over the
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\Just 3 minutes!!/
Open an Account

>>Read More About Axiory Account Types

Axiory Allows up to 10 Multiple Accounts

You can open multiple accounts up to 10 in Axiory.

Creating an additional account enables more risk-reduced and efficient operation.

With additional accounts, you are free to choose not only the account type, but also the account currency, leverage, trading platform, etc., just as you would when you first created an account.

By changing the account type or the conditions such as leverage, you can separate the currency pairs and products to be traded for each account, trade with different leverage, separate the discretionary trading and EA (automatic trading) trading accounts, it will be easier to manage.

If you cannot decide account type for the first account, let’ select Standard account.

If you want to try another account type, you can add an account and select it.

Also you can easily transfer funds to additional accounts from the website.

Please also refer to the separate article “How to Open Axiory Additional Account“, such as how to open an additional account and how to operate using multiple accounts to reduce risk.

How to Open Axiory Additional Account | How to Reduce Risks
I'm introducing how to open multiple account in Axiory.As summarized in the separate article “How to choose the bes

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Open an Additional Account

Axiory Bonus Programs

At the time of this review, Axiory doesn’t provide bonus programs and promotions.

However, Axiory sometimes offer seasonal promotions and bonuses. Recently, Axiory offered a Summer Bonus campaign in July 2020, and traders got a bonus of up to $ 300.

It will be held in the future, so please check the official website

>>Check Axiory Campaign Information

Axiory Deposit / Withdraw Methods

Credit Cards, STICPAY, BitPay, NETELLER, Skrill, Vload and bank transfer. It depends on your location.
Please check it out on official website.

Regarding withdrawals, Axiory professes to respond within 24 hours processes.
Not hearing any rumors about withdrawal refusals is proof that they are really doing it.





>>Check Deposit/Withdrawal Methods

Please refer to the separate article “Axiory Deposit Methods | Fees and Conditions” for details on how to deposit Axiory.

Axiory Deposit Methods | Fees and Conditions
I will explain how to deposit into Axiory account.If you haven’t opened an Axiory account yet, please open an account by

Axiory Support


Very good support.

Customer support is available between Monday and Friday, and can be accessed via e-mail, webform, phone, and live chat. An FAQ section answers the most common questions.

Actually there are plenty of information on Axiory website, but if you got lost, you can contact with support center easily.

Customer SupportSupported or not
Live Chat
Inquiry Form

For more information about AXIORY support, please refer to the separate article “AXIORY Customer Support | Any Language as You Like!“.

Please refer to it.

AXIORY Customer Support | Any Language as You Like!
This is an article about AXIORY's support.AXIORY is popular in the world for its very low trading fees.AXIORY is a

Try Axiory Demo Account for Free

In order to know the trading environment and usability in Axiory, it is effective to open a demo account and do actual trading.

Axiory makes it easy to open a demo account.

For details on how to make use of Axiory demo account and how to open it, see the separated article “How to utilize Axiory demo account“.

If you have not decided to trade with Axiory yet, why not try trading with a demo account?

\Open for Free!/
Try Demo Account

How to Utilize Axiory Free Demo Account
I will explain the Axiory demo account, which is popular for its low fees and high quality of support.By opening a demo


The fee is very cheap.

Although the service has been launched in 2011 and is popular with world wide traders, I don’t hear any bad rumors such as refusal to withdraw money for now.

There are no bonus programs, but it can be said that Axiory is one of the best broker that is worth using for a long time, such as low fees and excellent support.

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Open an Account

Official Site

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