GEMFOREX New Deposit Bonus Program “Jackpot” is So Cool! | You can get max 1000% deposit bonus!


This is an article about GEMFOREX’s new deposit bonus program “Jackpot”.

GEMFOREX is originally known for its luxurious bonus programs.

There are $ 100 account opening bonus and 100% deposit bonus, but unfortunately it is a bonus only for Japan.

GEMFOREX has started a new Jackpot deposit bonus.

Although it is a lottery format, it is held every day, and winners can get a deposit bonus in the range of 2% up to 1000%.

Up to 1000%!

Moreover, this applies not only to traders in Japan but also to traders all over the world.

However, some conditions are required for application.

In this article, I will explain how to get the Jackpot bonus, applicable conditions.

You can know in this article;
  • What is GEMFOREX Deposit Bonus Jackpot
  • How to get Jackpot Bonus
  • Terms and Conditions of Jackpot Bonus

What is GEMFOREX Deposit Bonus Jackpot?

This is a new deposit bonus campaign that started in 2021.

With a deposit bonus of up to 1,000%, it’s a gorgeous bonus I’ve never heard of.

It has the following features.

Deposit Bonus Jackpot Features
  • A deposit bonus of 2% up to 1,000% will be given by lottery
  • Held daily
  • Everyone wins

The biggest features are that there is no loss and that a bonus of up to 1,000% is given.

However, there is an upper limit amount, and the upper limit is $10,000.

In other words, if you can get 1,000% with a deposit of $1,000, a bonus of $10,000 will be given and the margin will be $11,000.

This is quite big!

However, of course, it may be 2%.

There are 20 levels of bonuses between 2% and 1,000%.

GEMFOREX 1000% Deposit Bonus Jackpot Acquisition Conditions

There are acquisition conditions for the Jackpot deposit bonus, and the lottery will be held only after clearing the following.

Jackpot Conditions
  • Need to open a real account and to complete identity verification
  • Need to trade with an all-in-one account
  • Need transactions of 5 lots or more in total within 24 hours

By clearing the above, you can get the jackpot lottery right.

Let’s take a closer look.

Need to open a real account and to complete identity verification

No bonus will be given to the demo account.

You must open a real account, but you must also complete your identity verification.

Need to trade with an all-in-one account

There are two types of accounts in GEMFOREX, but the jackpot deposit bonus is only available for All-in-one account.

Please note that No Spread account is not eligible.

Need transactions of 5 lots or more in total within 24 hours

To qualify for the jackpot lottery, you must trade at least 5 lots within 24 hours.

The target symbol can be anything, whether it is a currency pair or CFD, you can be eligible for the jackpot by trading 5 lots or more.

The 24 hours mentioned here is the server time of MT4 of GEMFOREX.

Since the server time of GEMFOREX is GMT + 2 (normal time zone), trading within the following time is applicable.

MT4 hours (GMT + 2): 0:00 to 23:59

In the case of daylight saving time, it will be minus 1 hour.

If you clear the above conditions, the jackpot lottery button will be displayed on the user’s My Page the next business day.

GEMFOREX 1000% Deposit Bonus Jackpot Acquisition Procedure


  1. Trade 5 lots or more within 24 hours with an all-in-one account
  2. After trade 5 lots or more, the lottery right will be granted on the next business day
  3. Deposit to the target account
  4. Click the lottery button from My Page
  5. The lottery result will be displayed and the winning bonus will be reflected in the account

①Trade 5 lots or more within 24 hours with an all-in-one account

With an All-in-one account, trade a total of 5 lots or more.

Judgment is on an account basis, so even if you have multiple All-in-one accounts, they will not be added up.

You need to trade 5 lots or more with the same account.

②After trade 5 lots or more, the lottery right will be granted on the next business day

If you trade 5 lots or more, the right will be granted on the next business day and the lottery right button will be displayed on My Page.

In the case of Friday, it will be granted on Monday.

③Deposit to the target account

Confirm that the lottery right acquisition is displayed on My Page, and deposit to the target account.

④Click the lottery button from My Page

After depositing, confirm that the deposit has been made to the target account and click the lottery button.

Once the deposit is complete, you will be able to click the lottery button.

⑤The lottery result will be displayed and the winning bonus will be reflected in the account

The lottery will take place immediately and the results will be displayed.

The winning deposit bonus will be immediately reflected in your account.

GEMFOREX 1000% deposit bonus jackpot notes

There are a few things to note about jackpot bonus.

The target is an All-in-one account, judgment for each account

The conditions for 5 lots must be cleared with one account.

Trading lots for multiple All-in-one accounts are not combined.

It is possible to create multiple accounts with GEMFOREX, but please be careful if you are operating with multiple accounts.

The maximum jackpot bonus is $ 10,000

The maximum amount is $ 10,000, so even if you deposit $ 10,000 and win 1,000%, you will only get a bonus of $ 10,000.

If you deposit $ 1,000 and win 1,000%, you will receive a $ 10,000 bonus.

Trade within 5 minutes is not counted

Trade within 5 minutes from entry to closing is not counted for 5 lots.

GEMFOREX does not prohibit scalping, but those who focus on scalping trades need to be careful.

The lottery target is up to once a day

Eligible deposit is only made once after the acquisition of rights.

The second and subsequent deposits are not eligible.

On the contrary, you can try as many times as you like from the next day.

That means that if you are usually traded on GEMFOREX,

  • Trade as usual
  • Challenge the jackpot only when you trade 5 lots or more
  • Deposit $1,000
  • If you win a low prize such as 2%, withdraw $1,000
  • Re-challenge the next day or later

If you do this, you will get a 1000% deposit bonus some day.

The bonus itself cannot be withdrawn

The jackpot deposit bonus itself cannot be withdrawn.

The deposit bonus will be in the “credit” frame of the margin.

This is the same for other bonuses.

Profit can be withdrawn

If you get a bonus, your margin will increase, but if you make a profit as a result of trading with that margin, you can withdraw the full profit.

Withdrawal will reset the bonus to zero

Regardless of profit or loss, if you withdraw from your account, the bonus will be zero.

This is severe.

With other brokers, the deposit bonus may be reduced by the withdrawal ratio, but with GEMFOREX, the bonus will be zero regardless of the withdrawal amount.

Bonus does not decrease even if there is a loss

On the other hand, if you do not withdraw money, the bonus amount will remain even if you got loss.

For example, if the deposited account balance is $1,000, the deposit bonus is $10,000, and the total margin is $11,000, and if you lose $500, the account balance will be $10,500.

However, the bonus still remains at $10,000.

You can continue trading with the remaining margin of $10,500.

Even if the account balance becomes negative and is reset to zero, the bonus will not be zero

This is insanely big. It is a huge merit.

For example, suppose you have a deposit of $ 1,000, get a deposit bonus of $ 10,000, and a total margin of $ 11,000.

Suppose the price fluctuates sharply from the entry price and you lose $ 2,000 and you got the zero cut.

In this case, your account balance will temporarily be minus $ 2,000, but the Negative Balance protection System (NBP) will immediately reset it to zero.

For the deposit bonus, the compensated minus $ 1,000 will be deducted, leaving $ 9,000 remaining.

At this time, the margin balance will be $ 9,000 and you can continue trading with this margin.

This means that you can trade as long as the bonus granted is not zero.

What’s more, you can withdraw all the profits you get from here.

If $ 9,000 becomes $ 9,100, you can withdraw $ 100.

You don’t need to make up for the $ 2,000 minus.

This is big.

You cannot withdraw while holding positions

This is a common rule, not just for jackpots.

If you have any positions that is not closed, you cannot apply for withdrawal regardless of whether it is an unrealized gain or an unrealized loss.

Since there is Negative Balance Protection system, if you withdraw money while holding positions, it will be regarded as an abuse of NBP system.

How to check status in MyPage

You can access the special page of Jackpot Bonus by logging in to My Page of GEMFOREX.

Login to GEMFOREX MyPage

Login to GEMFOREX MyPage from the top page.

Clock “Deposit Bonus Jackpot”

Click “Deposit Bonus Jackpot” menu on the left.

Bonus Lottery Rights Confirmation Page

The total number of trading lots on the previous business day is displayed for each account currently held.

If you can get 5 lots, the lottery right acquisition will be displayed here.


That’s all.

I’ve never heard of a deposit bonus of up to 1000%.

There are conditions to acquire the right, and the probability of winning 1000% is not announced, so the game element is big, but in any case, if you plan to deposit, there is no way not to use it!

If you haven’t opened an account with GEMFOREX yet, or if you have opened an account but haven’t verified your identity, take this opportunity to open an account with following the separate article “GEMFOREX | How to Open an Account“.

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