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Introduction of Exness.

Exness is a very famous broker overseas, and is also very popular in Thailand where I live.

Its main feature is its trading conditions.

The spreads are very narrow and the leverage is up to 2000x.

If you meet the conditions, you can use “unlimited leverage”.

There are no bonuses offered, but I highly recommend this company for traders who value the trading environment.

What kind of company is Exness?

It is a forex broker established in 2008.
It consists of the following group companies, each of which has obtained a financial license.

Among them, FSA (UK) licensing is famous for being quite strict, and the fact that they are licensed by FSA shows that they are a very reliable entity.

Nymstar LimitedFSA (Seychelles)
License No.:SD025
F20, 1st floor, Eden Plaza, Eden Island,
Exness B.V.CBCS (Curaçao)
License No.:0003LSI
Emancipatie Boulevard Dominico F. “Don” Martina 31,
Venico Capital LimitedFSC (British Virgin Islands)
License No.:SIBA/L/20/1133
Trinity Chambers, P.O. Box 4301, Road Town,
Tortola, BVI
Vlerizo (Pty) LtdFSCA (RSA)
License No.:2020/234138/07
Exness (Cy) LtdCySEC (Cyprus)
License No.:178/12
Siafi Street, Porto Bello, Office 401, CY-3042 Limassol, 
Exness (UK) LtdFSA (United Kingdom)
License No.:730729
107 Cheapside. London, UNITED KINGDOM

Is Exness a reliable company?

Exness is a fairly reliable company.

Exness offers services all over the world, and as mentioned above, each of the companies in its jurisdiction is licensed by the financial supervisory authority in each country.

In addition, Exness discloses performance information and financial reports on their official website.
This is quite rare among forex companies.

Exness is audited by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, one of the four largest accounting firms in the world, and a part of their audit report is also available.

Exness Financial Report

Exness Account Types

A total of four account types are offered.

You can choose MT4 or MT5 as your trading platform.

The difference between MT4 and MT5 is the maximum.
The greatest feature of Exness, “unlimited leverage,” is available only on MT4.

The main features are as follows.

Standard account or raw spread account is recommended.

The raw spread account has zero minimum spread instead of a commission.
However, your first deposit must be at least $1,000. (The second deposit can be as little as $1)

There is no initial deposit requirement for the Standard account.
There is no trading fee, but there is a spread, but it is still quite narrow compared to other forex companies.

StandardRaw SpreadZeroPro
Trading PlatformMT4 / MT5MT4 / MT5MT4 / MT5MT4 / MT5
Max Leverage1:Unlimited (MT4)
1:2000 (MT5)
1:Unlimited (MT4)
1:2000 (MT5)
1:Unlimited (MT4)
1:2000 (MT5)
1:Unlimited (MT4)
1:2000 (MT5)
First Deposit Required3 USD1,000 USD1,000 USD1,000 USD
Commission per lot / sideFreeUp to 3.5USDFrom 3.5USDFree
Min Spread0.3 pips0.0 pips0.0 pips0.1 pips
Trading InstrumentsCurrency pairs,
Currency pairs,
Currency pairs,
Currency pairs,
Min lot size0.
Max lot size7:00-20:59 GMT+0 : 200
21:00-6:59 GMT+0 : 20
7:00-20:59 GMT+0 : 200
21:00-6:59 GMT+0 : 20
7:00-20:59 GMT+0 : 200
21:00-6:59 GMT+0 : 20
7:00-20:59 GMT+0 : 200
21:00-6:59 GMT+0 : 20
Max PositionsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Margin Call60%30%30%30%
Stop Out0%0%0%0%

Maximum leverage of Exness

The maximum leverage of Exness is 2000x.

This is high enough leverage, but if certain conditions are met, unlimited leverage can be applied.

What this means is that if you have even one dollar of margin, you can place an order for any amount of lots you want.
However, if your equity is not enough and the price moves against your expectations, your account balance will be zero instantly.

In addition, the stop out level for Exness is 0% for any account.
This means that your position will endure until your margin balance reaches zero, just until the last minute.
If you utilize it well, you can aim for a large profit with a small amount of money.

There are conditions to apply for unlimited leverage.

Conditions for unlimited leverage
  • Margin balance of less than $1,000
  • Trading history of at least 10 trades and 5 lots

If you have cleared the above, you can select “Unlimited Leverage” by changing the leverage from My Account.

Again, please note that unlimited leverage can only be set for MT4 accounts.

Exness unlimited leverage

In Exness, the maximum leverage is automatically limited by the margin balance.
This is also the case with other Forex companies.

Also, please note the following points.
Please check the official website for details.

  • Leverage is limited before and after the release of important economic indicators (up to 200x)
  • Maximum leverage varies by product
Equity (USD)Maximum Available Leverage
0 – 9991:Unlimited
1,000 – 4,9991:2000
5,000 – 29,9991:1000
30,000 or more1:500

Exness adopts NBP

Exness offers Negative Balance Protection System (NBP).
Even if your account balance goes negative, you will not be in debt.
You will not be asked to pay additional margin even in the event of a margin call.

Trading Instruments in Exness

Exness offers the following products.
For all account types, all stocks can be traded.

Trading InstrumentsStandardRaw SpreadZeroPro
Currency Pairs

Deposits & Withdrawals in Exness

Exness offers a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal methods.
This may vary depending on your country or region, so be sure to check the official website.

There are no fees for any of the deposit and withdrawal methods. It is free.

Exness Deposit

Exness Deposit

Exness Withdrawal

Exness Withdraw

No Bonus Program in Exness

Exness does not offer any bonuses.

That being said, the trading costs and other conditions are very good.
Brokers that do offer bonuses tend to have wider spreads.

Exness is the most recommended forex for traders who are looking for a better trading environment.

How to Open an Account in Exness

Opening an account with Exness is very easy.
The following are the steps to follow.

Access to Official Website

Click on the button below to open the official website.

\Just 3 minutes!!/
Open an Account for FREE

Alternatively, click Start now on the top page of the Exness official website.

Exness Start Now


Enter your country of residence, email address, and password.

Exness Registration

Choose trading account

Click Real Account.

Exness Choose trading account

Verify email

Click on “Send me a code” and you will receive a verification code to the email address you entered.
Enter it to verify your email address.

Exness Verify email

Verify phone

Continue with the verification of your cell phone number.
Enter your cell phone number, click on “Send me a code”, and you will receive the verification code too.

Exness Verify phone

Personal information

Enter your name, date of birth, and address.

Exness Personal information


Up to this point, you have completed your membership registration.

You can now proceed to upload your identification documents.

At this point, you can also make a deposit and start trading.

Exness Verification Process

Go to Verification Page

Log in to your Exness My Account (member’s page) and click on “Complete Verification” in the upper right corner.

Exness My accounts


Enter your profile.
You will be asked about your annual income, investment experience, etc., but approximate answers will be fine.

Exness Profile

Verify your identity

Follow the guidance on the screen to upload your identity and address verification documents.

Exness Verify your identity

The following can be used as verification documents.
Please follow the guidance on the official website as it may vary depending on your country of residence.

PLE (Proof of Legal Existence): *within the expiration date

  • Passport
  • Driver’s license
  • National ID card
  • Permanent Residence Permit

POA (Proof of Address): *within 6 months after issued

  • Bill invoice (Gas, Electric, Internet, Phone)
  • Bill invoice (Credit card)
  • Bank Statement (Bank issued)

Open Trading Account in Exness

You can open a trading account with Exness through My Account.

Login to My Account

From the official Exness website, click Sign In in the upper right corner to log in to My Account.

Exness Sign in to My Account

Open New Account

Click Open New Account in My accounts.

Exness Open New Account

Select the account type you want to open.

Exness Account Type
Exness Account Type

Account Settings

Set the trading platform, maximum leverage, account currency, and account password.

The maximum leverage can be changed later.
The password will be used to log in to MT4/MT5, so make sure you don’t forget it.

Please note that unlimited leverage is only available on MT4.

*The image is an example of a standard account.

Exness Account Settings

Confirmation of login information to your trading account

After opening an account, you can check the login information to your trading account from My Account.

You can log in to your trading account using your account ID, connection server name, and the account password you have just set.
You can log in to your trading account from the trading tools (MT4, MT5).

Exness Account information
Exness Account information

Install Meta Trader in Exness

Download MT4 or MT5 according to the trading platform you have selected.

Download Trading Platform

Go to the Tools & Services menu on the Exness official website and open the trading tools download page.

Exness Tools & Services

Install Meta Trader

Download and install MT4 or MT5.
There is a PC version and a smartphone app version, respectively.

After downloading, launch MT4/MT5 and log in to your trading account with the account ID, password, and connection server name.

Now you can deposit money and start trading.

Exness download Meta Trader

Exness Summary

Exness is an international forex broker that was established in 2008 and has a very long history.

As you can see, they provide forex services all over the world, and above all, they are a broker with a very good trading environment.

Why don’t you try opening an account and experience the value of using Exness?

\Just 3 minutes!!/
Open an Account for FREE

Exness Official Site

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