About Me


Hi, my name is KandA. I’m from Japan.

I currently live in Bangkok, Thailand with my family.
I have been in Thailand since 2016.

My hobbies are traveling with my family, playing with children, golfing, muscle training, and investing.

Investment experience includes Japanese stocks, mutual funds, Forex, Hong Kong stocks, Thai stocks, Cryptocurrencies, etc.

Why I don’t use Japan’s brokers?

The answer is simple, because if I live abroad I can’t use Japan’s domestic Forex brokers. Due to Japan’s law. So I’m using overseas Forex brokers.

I couldn’t help it, so I researched overseas Forex brokers (I don’t often say like this when I’m in “overseas”! ), and after understanding myself, I opened an account and resumed Forex trading.

My point of view

This site tries to provide as simple information as possible based on my actual experience.

There are many websites that summarize the amount of information in the world, but if you are going to start Forex, you may not know where to go because there is too much information. I know it well. Because I was so.

Also, there are many rumors-level stories that make us uneasy.
Actually some brokers seem like scam site.

In my site, after clarifying the following, I will only introduce brokers that can be recommended.

  • Showing special, both of advantages and disadvantages of brokers
  • Clarifying the evaluation criteria
  • Introduce some brokers these are definitely not scammer

Forex Brokers I’m using…

I have accounts on all of brokers that I’m introducing on my web site.

My main account is HotForex.
Trading conditions are quite good, and I’m using Copy Trading.

Now I’m using XM.com, mainly trading USD/JPY.
I’ve been using it for years now and nothing strange has happened so far.

I also occasionally use FBS, which has a low fee. Focus on short-term trading.
I used to use GEMFOREX quite a bit.

I also use FXGT in cryptocurrency trading.

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